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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the Photo Enforcement class held?
    • You should have received a confirmation email with the address and a link with a site map when you signed up. In case you didn't, the address is:

      Multnomah University Bradley Hall 1
      8435 NE Glisan Street
      Portland OR, 97220

      This address can also be found on our home page.

  2. How do I know if I qualify?
    • To qualify for Photo enforcement, you must know whether you have received a speeding or red-light ticket in the last 5 years. If you have not, then you should qualify. If you aren’t sure of your record in the last 3 years, you can request it from the DMV by either calling or going to their website and requesting your records. If you have received a ticket within the last five years, unfortunately you do not qualify and will be required to pay your ticket or go to your court scheduled date.

  3. What does it mean when it says “The fee will be waived” Will I get my money back?
    • Photo Enforcement class is offered at a discounted rate, in place of the citation fee. The money that you pay for this class, will not be refunded. Essentially, you are paying for and attending the Photo Enforcement class instead of paying for the citation and attending your court date. Once you have attended the Photo Enforcement class, the citation will not appear on your record and you do not have to take any further steps.

  4. What happens/what do I do after I take the class?
    • Nothing! Once you have taken the class, your citation number will be submitted back to the courts and will be waived from your driving record. We will provide you with a certificate for your own records at the end of class.

  5. How do I get refunded for canceling or not attending my scheduled class?
    • If you have canceled a class or paid for your class and found out later that you do not qualify, you will need to call our office so that we can assist with canceling your class and refunding your payment. NOTE: If you signed up for class before knowing your record and then cancel due to another ticket on your record, there will be a refund processing fee of $15.

  6. Can I reschedule?
    • If you have missed your scheduled class date, call or email us to be rescheduled. We will be happy to reschedule you if it is still within your 45-day window.

  7. What do I do if I have passed my 45-day deadline?
    • After you miss the 45-day deadline you will be required to either pay your ticket in full or attend your court date. After that deadline is passed, the only way to attend the Photo Enforcement class is to be court appointed.

  8. How do I register?
    • To register for a class, you will want to log on to the website www.pdxdrivers.com. Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the circle black button that says "Click Here To Enroll." On the next page, you will want to click on the smaller black button that corresponds with your citation number. From there you will pick out a class date then proceed through the enrollment process.

  9. Your website says I have 10 days to register for this class, the flier says I have 45 days. Which one is correct?
    • Our 10-day policy is not strict and is on our website to promote registration, as classes tend to fill up fast. However, the deadline you want to be most mindful of is the 45 days. If you take the class within 45-days of the Issue Date, you will still be within the requirements.

  10. The ticket came in my someone else’s name but I was the one driving the car. What should I do?
    • Have the person who’s name the ticket came in fill out the Certificate of Innocence form and send that back to Multnomah Circuit Court. The courts will reissue a new warning letter.

  11. I missed my class, what now?
    • If you miss a class and need to reschedule, please note that we are not open on the weekends or past 5pm, so please call the following day or following Monday so that we can assist you over the phone with rescheduling as well. You can also email us at info@pdxdrivers.com

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