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If you are in need of an interpreter, please be aware of the following:

-We offer a close captioned computer at class that you can view the class presentation on at any class.
-If you are in need of a physical interpreter, you will need to alert our offices first as we require a 10-day window to schedule a physical interpreter. 
-If our office schedules an interpreter for your class and you arrive late or you do not arrive, an interpreter will NOT be provided a second time.
-If your primary language is something other than English, we can provide the laptop in Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. If you are requesting a language outside of this, please call our office.

Once you have scheduled and are in need of our interpreter laptops at class, please call our main office at 971-701-0331

Please also note: There is no test involved in this class. Its is strictly a presentation styled class.

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